About Us: Our History

March 1982 - Spring of 1992 - Owner member John Webber had built his own cleaning company serving large commercial contracts throughout New England. Managing a staff of over 70 people he became proficient as a successful business person and entrepreneur. The pressure of a highly competitive industry and complaints from family members on the long hours were wearing him out.

July 1992 - Based on his business experience, John begins offering marketing assistance to small and medium sized businesses, consulting on business development, management and marketing. As PC's became available for small businesses to manage their companies John becomes interested and experienced in using them.

September 1995 - Computers now expand to include the Internet and this began to grab John's curiosity as a great tool for building a business. Believing the Internet to be a legitimate tool for doing business, he became a pioneer in developing marketing web sites for businesses, generating revenues from the web became his passion.

July 1998 - John is now consulting with multiple companies and begins selling web services directly to his clients. Starting as a home-based business, NHB Internet Services is born.

March 1999 - NHB is moving up in the world and opens it's Nashua location. In a matter of months, NHB becomes a prominent player on the local scene developing websites and doing Internet marketing for many clients.

January 2000 - Over the next year NHB becomes one of New England's fastest growing web development companies, serving clients nationwide. In an effort to expand and extend it's capabilities and resources, John begins work with Ken Marvel of Advantage Computer to help better serve his clients.

July 2000 - John and Ken agree to merge companies and NHB is now able to offer high-end custom database applications, e-commerce, web security and Internet marketing solutions, NHB Internet Services develops a positive reputation throughout the New England area. Designing custom database applications like www.footballtryouts.com and serving clients like Manchester Airport and Southern NH Medical Center.

January 2002 - Looking ahead to continued growth John and Ken recognize some differences in business philosophies. Ken agrees to relinquish his ownership interests in NHB to pursue his own thing.

May 2002- NHB upgrades it's facility by moving to 3 Taggart Drive in Nashua. This bigger and better place will enable NHB to continue growing and to better serve their clients. The NHB staff is determined to continue on the course of success.

October 2003 - John completes his certification as an MCA with Y2 Marketing expanding his marketing skill sets to better serve clients. With the addition of Steve Racicot to the team NHB reinforces the strong customer service and the passionate work ethic to create a positive and friendly work environment.

December 2005 - With the departure of Steve Racicot, Ken Marvel returns to NHB bringing an even greater knowledge of web technologies and a new appreciation for the service offerings of NHB. Ken becomes the Director of Technologies working on new development projects and managing NHB web server technologies.

November - 2006 - NHB opens it's second office in Fort Myers Florida. The additional location allows John to work from warm sunny Florida during the cold winter months in New Hampshire.

September 2007 - NHB moves it's Nashua to Amherst Street to accommodate the company growth strategy.

December 2008 - NHB Aquires the website anythingdisplay.com to add marketing collatoral for business displays and trade show exhibits.

August 2008 - Rod Willis joins the NHB team to manage the anything display website and marketing programs associated with it's growth.

November 2008 - NHB Makes partnership with printing company to offer low cost printing to it's customers.

May 2009 - NHB Open office in Fort Myers Florida and Welcomes Zatae Monfet to the NHB Team providing graphic design and marketing consulting services.

August 2010 - NHB upgrades it's facility by moving to a larger 10 room complex located in Sunny Florida.